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The Employment of a Locksmith
The job of a locksmith includes many things starting from designing and building locks to defeating the very same locks as well. However, today this job is divided into several different sectors. Thus, a locksmith can now specialize in one or more aspects of locksmithing and they can choose the one they find most convenient for them and their potential skills.
In fact, locksmiths may be commercial meaning that they have the storefront and they work from there. Further on, the can be mobile as well which means they go out in their car, go around and work where needed. They can also be institutional meaning that an institution employs them or they may be investigational or forensic locksmiths whose job is to determine different circumstances under which a lock was picked, the origin of a lock and many other similar things. Read more...

Types of Locks I
Locksmithing is a very important craft of today’s world, although many people forget about it and it comes across their minds only when they get into a trouble and they are helpless without a locksmith. Of course, a professional locksmith can help you with any kind of lock and there are quite a few indeed. There are actually four types of locks that are most used, but apart from those four, there are also many others and each bears certain security features and this article will deal with these features and characteristics of some of the lock types. Read more...

Types of Locks II
This article will deal with some other types of locks, in addition to the four already described in the preceding article. The following description will entail the main characteristics of each type along with some security features of the locks.
There are the so-called cam locks and these are most often used on the doors of file cabinets. They are available in several lengths; however, the main variable is actually the piece of metal which is found on the back and this is the part that is called ‘cam’ or tailpiece. It is actually interfacing the mechanism of the lock.